Thursday, May 19, 2005

When Life interferes with Football....

Hola sweet people. It's getting harder and harder to actually sit down and work on the blog because time is my enemy. Also, so many things happen in the day that when I go to sleep, I'm actually dictating my blog out loud and clear but work invades my mind and I wake up with a frown, usually prioritizing what needs to be done when I get to the office.

I've become a 7 - 5 working stiff!

Anyway, work's going well, wish it was more in tune with my field but so far I've been hearing nothing but good things about my perfomance.

This weekend should be very interesting. One of the brothers is getting engaged and there's a complicated and interesting ceremony that accompanies this move towards marriage. As a sister, apparently my role is to go get her from her parents home and I have to beg, cajole and practically bribe her (very similar to how I was convinced to take on the task) to come out of their house and come with me to take her to my brother's house. There's a whole list of traditions and practise that acoompany this ceremony so I promise I'll blog it.
The only downside to this is that I will have no internet access where I'm going....distracted, my launch player just did an ad. for Wendy's Triple Cheeseburger....drooling...
Oh yeah, no internet access until I find a cyber cafe but I think time will once again be on someone else's side.

I also don't like the fact that this Saturday is the FA Cup Final between Man Utd. v. Arrsseenal (the bride is a Chelsea fan) so a month of pleading, begging and bribing to change the date has failed. Sigh. Oh well, Next year Chelsea is going down!
This weekend is also the Monaco Grand Prix and I know a bunch of us are going to be racing back to the city to go to the usual haunt to watch the race. Why is the Monaco GP so thrilling? Well as a close friend puts the track in perspetive, "It's like riding a bike in your living room." Damn, I might miss that. Oh well, yes, yes, happy, joy, engagement....wrong! It's messing with football!

Lol, laters, oh, personal friends, I have postcards galore I want to send out so e-mail me your addresses.

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