Monday, May 04, 2009

Kenyaness in photos....

On the way to the airport, came across this on a highway roundabout:

At Delamare farms in Naivasha, they have a picnic area. I wonder if this is the roast chicken they had on offer?

A typical ferry at Likoni. They crowd the thing and then cry when it stalls in the middle or starts to drift.

Motorcycle shopping in Kisii town. This place is full of them. I wonder how they get them up or down. No elevators.

Chef's special at a certain town near Kisumu City.

Placing your order at the Hood. Awesome nyama choma joint. Favorite choice, dry fry.

On a recent train trip, was told very politely. "I'm sorry, we only have the vegetarian option. Gentle stir fried rice with a pomme and tomato simmered sauce." Potato stew in yellow rice. Was surprisingly delicious!

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