Thursday, April 30, 2009

Safari Seven Fashion victims.

Tusker Safari Sevens 2008. Wet on Saturday though but brilliant rugby.

Ok, Safari Sevens is starting in June but they haven't posted the dates anywhere! Can someone please tell me when? I need to budget for this stuff now! My favorite thing to do was Fashion Police and wow, there were some serious "Don't" fashion victims out there. Keep in mind that it is bloody cold, temperature is in the single digits (celsius, not farenheit, which is still bloody cold).

I loved the shoe and dress choices also.

And the ground was soggy ass wet the whole day. But she was determined that her perfect manicure and those mitumba shoes had to be on display, come rain or high water. Ok, i'm being mean but it's fun watching the under 18s come out and try to be over 21 in 7 degree weather.

The following sunday, I opted to watch from the corporate tents. Much more relaxed and awesome way to end the tournament. It's more fun to watch from rugby with the watu's on Saturday as they are more rowdy and raunchy with the abuse. Sunday has turned into a family day of sorts. Loads of errant husbands showed up with toddlers in tow while mum was nowhere to be seen. Most likely paying for the sins of the previous night. Plus, you're much closer to the players and they always end up at the Virgin tent which was a very happening place.

Looking forward to this years. Go Kenya!

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