Tuesday, April 14, 2009


So there was a rugby tournament this weekend, the semi-finals between Rhino (Kenya) and Ruwenzori (Uganda). It was being sponsored by Lafarge Bamburi Kenya. The game was extremely enjoyable, made even more worthwhile because of the heckling and roasting that was going on around us. Oh I laughed so hard and followed an extremely exciting game. However Heineken, the sponsor, ruined everything for me. I’m used to having my usual Tusker “baridi” whenever I’m watching rugby, especially at Sevens. I didn’t take much notice of the confiscated bags hanging outside the entrance that were full of Tusker cans. When we got in, we ignored the Heineken tents set up at the entrance and went into the clubhouse which was undergoing renovation. They were installing the furniture and it looks like F1 (Madhouse, not Formula One). The only difference being there’s light coming through. Unfortunately due to the construction work going on, the bar was closed. So back to the Heineken tent where, crossed fingers, we might find cold Heineken bottles. But no, we were handed tap-cold cans that warmed instantly in the afternoon tropical sun. Basically, the beer is shite. And Heineken in Kenya in a can tastes worse than Milwaukee’s Best Light that’s been left in somebody’s trunk for three days and found when unloading a spare. (Yes, I have this experience).

I went back to the tent periodically to make sure that there was nothing else on offer in terms of beer. They had tons of hard alcohol which I wasn’t going to touch in that heat. And I honestly just wanted my cold tusker. So each time I paid the exorbitant price of $1.60 for a 330ml tin of boiling piss, I told the guy selling, “Honestly, don’t come back here again with this shit….ever!”

I left rugby for the first time in my life immediately after the final whistle (Rhinos won). The finals are this weekend but you have to pay me to go there. I’d rather go to my local and watch it on telly while having my tusker.

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