Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Indenture...I mean internship.

Is it wrong that I welcome the sugar shortage that's sweeping the country for the sole purpose of my not having to prepare gallons of coffee and tea for the many visitors I greet? Sigh. Actually it's an informative internship so far as they are supposed to be but I wish it was more in tune to my interest. I am learning more about how to approach my business though so that's a good thing.

Oh, I'm boycotting the BATA shoestore. Yes I will name them because their product speaks for itself. They have great shoes for safaris and school kids but if you're an adult woman, you're expected to choose from a selection ranging from uncomfortable high heels to uncomfortable ugly shoes. Urghh, I curse the way I used to look down on Payless. At least their shoes fit. These ones are horrible! They have some nice casual shoes but forget shopping for the office.

Ok, sorry this is brief but I'd like to get home before the sun sets once in a while. Long weekend ahead and it looks like I have to cancel the beach because all the airlines are solidly booked. BA got jumpy with it's regional carrier and they cancelled the contract in effect leaving hundreds of people stranded and forced all the other flights to be overbooked for this weekend. Long story, curses to them but hopefully I'll make this damn trip soon. I need a vacation soo badly it's starting to hurt. I think it's just more me wanting some serious book reading and alone time, something I took for granted before but is a necessary part of my existence.

Ciao bellas, at least I have a UEFA game to look forward to tomorrow.

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