Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Time to Travel!

I'm way overdue for a mini vacation so with a whole week ahead of me, I'm debating where to go. I'm tempted to do my tried and tested trips to Diani but going solo is not as fun - plus my sister will annihilate me if I put one toe on a sandy white beach without her. I don't want to go upcountry to the highlands either because it has been raining intermittently which renders the roads impassable. Naivasha is lovely but will be full of Nairobians who quite frankly I'm a bit tired of at the moment.

Whilst researching where to go, I've been following some travel blogs to get inspired. I never tire of the budget backpackers tales of going Cape to Cairo or reverse. I think you have to have some degree of insanity to try and sustain a trip on the road for $25 max a day, including accommodation, food and transportation. But these trips mean so much in a life changing way to these people and their accounts of misery, woes and subsequent joy make me want to experience something just like that.

One of the travelblogs I've read is written by a young man from Cape Town who has bipolar disorder and has documented his trip in a very articulate manner and has written in such a way to transport you into his experience. In addition to that, I learned about the Abayudaya who are Ugandan Jews, very much in existence at the foot of Mount Elgon. Fascinating stuff!

So I'm going to get out my old Twende magazines and pick up a new one called Destinations, all about East Africa Travel and see if I can find somewhere to do a mini backpacker vacation.

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