Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Life so far

Soooo, I need a holiday...again and quite badly. The twin has REFUSED to send pictures of our time together so I fear I'm going to have to repeat the whole sandy beach thing on my own. Quick congratulations once again to Fleur and Denis and Tally and Ben - the former on their upcoming nuptials which I shall sadly miss and the latter on their wonderful wedding which I sadly reminsced about on photos only.

Why is everyone getting married? Ok, you guys were meant for each other but I've found the whole institution to be very interesting in Kenya. Most of my mates are guys, and they tend to be younger than me, already in relationships (most of them long distance) and always up for a pint after work. The women my age that I mostly interact with on a professional basis tend to be married, have kids and are the first ones out of the office when the clock strikes 5. If they do stay to mingle after work, it is usually over a coffee (a substance meant to be consumed before 10 a.m. ONLY and in it's finest caffienated form "espresso" after a four course dinner) and a very dry piece of Black Forrest cake (most places don't use kirsch syrup for the layers). I know many would laugh picturing me sitting down for a cuppa after work on Friday. I did have a lovely weekend with a close family female friend and we agreed that we needed to go out more frequently. She is married and has a child and we're very similar personality wise but time constraints due to familial obligations hampers frequent get togethers. The guys? They're lose. We could plan at a moment's notice a camping expedition or a fun night out.

And then there are the married men. Oh this lot is scandalous in their pursuit of the available woman and they are ruthless! Needless to say, that's why I prefer hanging out with the boys because if I couldn't see that game from far, they would have sniffed it before it even came through the door.

Urghh, sorry this is short, have to fight with my late chinese delivery order.

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